Safa Shahouri Masjid

The Safa Shahouri Masjid in Ponda was built in 1560 during the reign of Sultan Ibrahim Adil Shah of Bijapur.

Around 27 mosques were built during the Adil Shah dynasty in Goa. While most of these mosques were destroyed during the Portuguese Inquisition, the Safa Masjid remained unharmed and stood tall to tell its tale.

Safa is Arabic for ‘Pure’ and the mosque quite rightly justifies the term. The single chambered mosque has a modest prayer room and a terracotta roof. The interesting feature of the Safa Masjid is the huge laterite stone masonry tank with turquoise waters having 44 ‘hammams’ i.e. hot air baths, in its four interior sides in Islamic ‘Mehrab’ style arcs.

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