Scott Sharick – from Stroke Survivor to Cycling Adventurer

“Every encounter with a fellow cyclist on the road adds a joyous rhythm to the journey.”

During my cycling adventures across various countries, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting several fellow cyclists along the way. In Cambodia, I had the delightful opportunity to meet Scott Sharick.

While researching my cycling advenure across Cambodia, I stumbled upon a post he had shared in a cycling group detailing his own journey. Intrigued, I reached out to him for more information. Once I arrived in Cambodia, I got in touch with him, and he readily provided me with a route from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap.

Our paths coincidentally crossed as I neared Siem Reap, while he was heading on his motorbike to a nearby pagoda to check on a geocache he had placed there. Spotting me, he stopped for a chat and a refreshing cold coffee. Later that evening, he graciously invited me to dinner, and a couple of days later, we cycled together to Angkor Wat, the roads of which he knows like the back of his hand.

Scott has been a resident of Siem Reap for over 15 years, having retired from his medical profession in the USA. Several years ago, he experienced a near-fatal stroke. Following his recovery, he turned to cycling to maintain his fitness and has since solo-cycled through over 16 countries, including India. Photography is another passion of his, and he has diligently documented his journeys and the hundreds of temples and pagodas scattered across Cambodia. Presently, Scott has returned to the USA to complete his plan to cycle through all the national parks in the country.

You can follow Scott’s captivating journey on various social media platforms such as YouTube ( StrokestoSpokes and Scott.Sharick ), Instagram, Facebook, Strava and his photography website:

Furthermore, you can watch an informative interview he did with Matthew Galit, a travel adventurer who is journeying from China to the USA on a recumbent human-powered trike for his YouTube channel, the JaYoe Travel Show.



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